Megan and Adam - Lehigh University Engagement

Mads and I drove over to Lehigh University this weekend to meet up with Meg and Adam and make some beautiful engagement photos.  The sun was nice and low, the campus was empty, they were looking awesome and we found some really cool spots to get some great shots.  The library that Meg's class gave to the school was amazing, and we got a few really sweet shots in there.  It was the quietest photo shoot I've ever done, so quiet that the beep of my flash recharging was deafening, haha.  Then after all was said and done, we headed over to the soccer field right before all the light went away because they both played for Lehigh in their college years.  Check out some photos of this hot looking couple!

The awesome library, so symmetrical and rustic

a pretty wicked staircase

walking through campus

lehigh had so many photogenic buildings


megs beautiful engagement ring in the freshly trimmed soccer field grass

thought this was hysterical and made me laugh in the editing room out loud, haha.  a truly candid moment