Trod On, Baxter

So since I haven't posted anything for a while, I figured I was due for a big post (and a few more big ones in the upcoming weeks).  I just got back from an amazing camping and hiking trip up north in Baxter State Park, Maine with 3 friends of mine (2 of whom are photographers I shoot with on a regular basis: Jeff Tisman and Drew Noel).  The trip came to a premature end unfortunately because of the rain, but we still had a sweet time.  Jeff planned the trip right at the peak of the leaves changing colours, so as you can imagine there were some unreal photo opportunities.  We were even graced with a clear night for some star shots like none other (and with it came a cool 20 degree night in a thin sleeping bag!).  So nice to connect again with mother earth.  Enjoy the photos!

a reflection of a sunburst and treeline on the side of the road in a small tidal pool

beautiful fall colors line a river (you can see jeff taking a nap under the sun in the middle on the bottom)

my fellow hikers stopping to fill up on water

first agenda of the trip... set up hammock. check!

milky way and more stars than you can shake a stick at over the treetops

mother nature's magnifying glass

another milky way shot and a brilliantly red / orange leaf hanging onto a rock

a view from one of the many summits hiked, with the sun and cloud providing colorful accents on the fall trees

the lake right next to our campground

day #1 summit hike, and some mushies under a log

a moody sky atop south branch summit

fall colors making the waterfalls and streams look even more beautiful

the descent from one of the most intense hikes i've ever done, the traveler, conquering 4 peaks in 8 hours

changing seasons.

hiking into the abyss

view atop one of the traveler's peaks.  we had just hiked from the one on the right, down the valley, then up this peak

taking a breather on the way down on the left, and drew on the descent to the right