Laura to Peter

This Saturday I had the pleasure of shooting Laura and Pete's wedding in St. Michael's, Maryland at my friend Maura's house.  Drew and I had a wedding the day before in the Hamptons, so it was quite a trek!  But we did eventually get there thanks to many 5 hour energy drinks, and it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day for these two.  I loved the feel of their relaxed backyard wedding.  It was almost as much a gathering of long time friends as it was a wedding, because Laura and Peter actually live in Hong Kong!  Sweet!  Maura's house is actually right on the water, AND has a corn field next to it, AND a soy bean farm across the street.  I think that pretty much covers the bases for landscapes, all we needed were some mountains!  Anyway I had a blast shooting their wedding, and we got some great shots.  Congrats to you guys, and enjoy Hong Kong!

favorite shot of the day! battling the bugs in the soy bean field (you can see a large bomber near the top left corner)

i was really digging the sun flare through these massive trees in maura's backyard

colorful wedding dress... check!



trying some different stuff using the cornfield and super shallow depth of field


suuuuuuper long shadows


they had an amazing 4 piece band playing some great tunes for everyone


sunset silhouettes



  maura the flower girl taking it all in

some pretty cute kids at this one! 

best oysters on the east coast :)

drew snagged this one of sunset, looks a bit tropical wouldn't you say?