Sunset Picnic

Queenscliff is the beach at the end of Manly, which is where this headland juts out into the ocean to break up the incoming swell.  When the swell isn't huge and you hit it at the right tide, you can walk out to this really cool tunnel that connects Queenscliff and Freshwater beaches.  Mads took me to explore, and we had a bit of a swim afterwards in the sweltering heat and crystal clear water.  And the great thing about the area I live is that there are so many beautiful places to have a picnic.  Mad cooked up some fresh fish filet's (pronounced fill-it's here), and we sat up on the cliff overlooking all the northern beaches and chowed down.  A post-dinner sunset photo session was only necessary on Shelly beach below where we were eating.  And what night near Christmas is complete without watching the classic National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation?!

moody shot of mads breaking through to freshie beach

saw this little guy on the path out to our picnic spot and decided to take a different route...

some nice sunsetting light on the barnacles

and another beautiful pink sunset.  liked how the water movement mimicked the cloud shape in this one.