Gray Clouds. Blue Mountains.

Two hours West of Sydney lie the magnificent Blue Mountains.  I hadn't realized just how magnificent they really were, until we were in the heart of them on our bushwalk.  Mads, Lys, George and I drove into the storm clouds, hoping it wouldn't rain.  Sure enough, it rained.  The first rain was just a warning as we arrived at the iconic Three Sisters rock formation.  After a dodgy lunch in one of the towns in the mountains, we headed onto the Charles Darwin walk, one of the easier grade trek's because of my bum knee... damn it.  We all were introduced to Maddie's extreme fear of leaches, as one was making a fast pass at her ankles after a trail deviation.  After wandering off the trails to catch a glimpse of some smaller waterfalls and caves for an hour or so, we emerged from the rainforest to see such a spectacular sight of sheer cliffs and valleys home to the greenest trees and most beautiful scenery.  And right below us was the largest waterfall I've ever seen, Wentworth Falls.  Quite picturesque if I do say so myself.  In the distance we could see the heavy rain approaching, but being the typical photographers Mads and I are, we just had to get a couple more shots.  I ended up being the packmule in the torrential rain the entire way back, keeping everything dry in my Dakine waterproof covered photo backpack.  A mini pool in my shoes and a new color of shorts and t shirt later, we made it back to the car and headed home.  Unfortunately it wasn't in the cards to stay for sunset, so we were treated with one of the most beautiful sunsets for our drive home in the car (which wasn't nearly as smelly and uncomfortable as I had imagined).  Oh well... there's always next time.  Stoked about the panorama's.

the absolutely beautiful and iconic three sisters panoramic shot, comprised of 7 images stitched together in photoshop

our warning storm clouds over the valley

the beginning of the wentworth falls

hiking into the abyss... and on the right, a massive drop off wentworth falls (its a huge photo, with three photos stitched together)

the gang checking out the valley

the view from my lens.. (check out the beginning of the falls on the far left)  5 vertical images stitched together in photoshop