Stinking Hot.

Today I took a trip out to Chatswood with Pat to pick up his computer, which is West of the city... a.k.a. a million degrees hotter than the coastline.  Sitting in dead stop traffic battling the 40 degree heat (that's in Celcius... 104 for all you Fahrenheit fans), I found out how easily a seat belt can be used as a branding iron, and there was no escape from the direct sunlight.  The rest of the day was spent in and around the water, enjoying the perfect temperature at the beach.  Snagged a couple shots of Pat cutting some speedy turns into the sloppy swell, as well.

look at the digi temp gage... 39 and rising!  and pat stoked about the heat with his macpro in a kmark kart

pat cutting a turn out of a manly main roller