Life's Too Short, Go Surfing.

I woke up this morning to write a blog post, and got the terrible news that one of my best friends from high school passed away the night before.  Life is too short, and just shows that you have to live every day like its your last.  You will be missed Steve.

Yesterday my mate Pat (check out his blog, some pretty sweet stuff!) and I drove North up the coast a bit to Whale Beach in search of some surf.  The water was so beautiful, warm and clear that any swell coming in was just a bonus.  Unfortunately, we didn't find the waves we were searching for, but we did find sea lice!!!  I think we swam into a mutant patch because the stinging was relentless for hours.  I got to meet up with a friend from home as well, and showed him just a small portion of the beautiful paradise that is the Northern Beaches.  Pat and Rose made the most amazing dinner for an end to another day in paradise.

pretty funny one of pat, mid duck dive.