Sunny Coast, Reunited.

The last time I was in Australia, I fell in love with the Sunshine Coast.  The beautiful white sand beaches, clear turquoise colored water, national parks, and world heritage listed Fraser Island are just some of the reasons visiting this gem of Queensland is a must.  Noosa Heads is also renowned for longboarding, as it's got some super clean peelers that seem to run forever off a few solid point breaks.  Mads suprised me with a long weekend here before I even got to Australia, so the anticipation finally paid off!  What an amazing 5 days.  We spent lots of time on the beach, hiking the national parks, exploring Fraser Island (the biggest sand island in the world), checking out the nearby towns, and even got to catch up with some old mates from when I was here 3 years ago.  I got so many photographs I was happy with I struggled choosing which ones to post!  Hope you like 'em... leave a comment and tell me what you think!

There's a ton so let them all load up.

here's one of mads on Fraser Island walking down to check out the super shark and rip infested waters surrounding the island.

this one is on 75 mile beach with some seagulls soaring above.  believe it or not, it's actually a highway anyone can drive along!

from the ferry that took our ride across to the island.

sand patterns by the wind

the extremely overdone, but totally necessary jumpshot

Mads taking some shots at Lake Mackenzie, home to water of a perfect ph level and sand so fine it will clean your jewlrey (or ruin your camera :0)

Lake Mackenzie again on Fraser Island.  Not too shabby for a lake eh???

Palms on the walk from Central Station on Fraser Island

Strangler figs and a lonely lit leaf.

Back to Noosa, walking the headlands of the National Park.  Loved the background colors on this one.

Just some grass...

Loved the bokeh (out of focus silky circles caused by really expensive lenses) on this one.

Some cool bark texture on a massive tree.

Another one of Mads caught in the act with her sweet new lens (I had to borrow it a couple times beacuse I forgot my macro lens for closeup stuff... duh)

Another beach along the National Park walk.

Blue Bottle Jelly.  You do NOT want to come across one of these little stingers.

Mads snapping away as the sunsets on some wheat grass.

The light was hitting this spiderweb and leaf just peftectly...

Sunburst through a tree.

A beached rowboat in Noosaville.

And I'll make this the last one... the sun slowly setting on Noosa Heads.