Change of Pace.

Today was not so cruisey, haha.  Besides being a scorching 90 something degrees by early morning, I had thought it would be the perfect time to make a little extra cash for food and drinks.  Now I can truly say I know how it feels to be a Mexican in the US... except they pay a whole lot better here.  After cleaning a boat stained with months of leaves, removing three years worth of buildup from endless pool gutters, and weeding with approximately 10 different types of spiders that looked as if they bit me I would drop dead within 60 seconds, you could say I was pretty beat!  I really do wish I brought my camera for those spiders because they looked CRAZY!  I'll be back at it again tomorrow, in the even more intense heat!  And the perfect end to the day was a nice steak dinner Mads brother cooked up to get some red meat back in my system (living with a vegetarian isn't overly conducive to my carniverous habits).  We took a quick stroll through the Manly Corso, and I nabbed this shot (a handheld, freestanding 2 second exposure) of the Municipal Council Building and the cool lighting on the trees in the courtyard.