Leftover Swells and Stormy Skies

Mads sister Lys was kind enough to chauffeur me around the Northern beaches with the lovely Zara dog all day to scout out some great photo opportunities when the big swell comes in.  North Narrabeen is a really territorial surf spot with the locals, because it's got a nice strong wave that comes and breaks along the cliffside and off long reef to the south providing some super long and clean rides.  Plus there's a path you can take to get some cool aerial shots, and even walk down to almost water level to be parallel with the swell.  Towards the end of the day we took Zara to this beautiful park overlooking the waterway that splits the Northern Beaches and the City.  All the cruise ships and ferries cross this rough channel, and Dobroyd Head overlooks it all.  One of the last photos in this post has a shot from here of Lys and Zara on the way back from a beautiful cliffside walk.  Hard to find a bad spot in this place!