Fast As Lightning.

Yesterday was filled with driving around and checking out some amazing cliff scenes, doing a bit of shopping for some essentials, and cooking a massive dinner.  The only thing in my mind the entire day was the impending storm set for the evening.  This recent heat has brought a few wicked lightning storms my way, and I was pretty determined to capture this one.  After Mads got home and we finished dinner, it was absolutely perfect timing.  The first crack of lightning shook the apartment, we both grabbed our cameras and bolted across the street (the first best thing about living across the street from the beach).  Mads had her tripod and I didn't bring one, so my steady hands had to come into play.  If you know anything about photography, you understand it's near impossible to handhold your camera with the shutter open for a slower shutter speed and make a crisp image.  Somehow I was pulling crisp and steady 1 - 5 second exposures outa nowhere.  I nailed a few lightning bolts with my superwide lens (which is why they look so small...) handheld, and the rain started dumping.  As a side note, the lightning shots are real, not photoshopped.  I've heard of photographers fudging different photos together, or lightning bolts as a whole into images.  Not what photography's all about.  Anyway, we ran back to shelter (the second best thing about living across from the beach), and called it a day.  Check em out and leave a comment if you like em!