West Coast Roadtrippin’

While in Whistler, we had to move out of our rental for a little bit, so we decided to see a bit of the west coast! I’ve always wanted to do the drive from Baja to Whistler (or Alaska if I’m super ambitious). We managed to get to Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park in California, and make our way back up to Whistler along the coast! We met and stayed with friends, awesome Air BnB’s, and truly connected with some family time. This is what life is all about for us!!

Tofino Road Trippin’

When we were in Whistler, we had a special arrangement that we had to move out of our place a couple times while we were there. So… our friends came up with an awesome idea - a road trip to Tofino!! We were lucky enough to rent an amazing place right by the beach. We enjoyed days exploring the beach and forests, nights of bonfires on the beach while reminiscing about the day, and watching all of our kids (and dog) play together like champions - soaking up life in this beautiful slice of paradise. Another spot on the earth that is truly magic.

Family Life in Whistler

With a bit of work out west during the winter, we decided we would go for an extended visit to one of our favorite spots, Whistler! It was so special for us to be there with friends who are like family, getting to reconnect and showing Layla what life is like in the magic mountains. There is nothing like it!

Family Roadtrippin'

Camping for 11 days with a 1 year old.

Does that scare you? It certainly did scare us, and people were legitimately worried about our levels of sanity when we told them we were taking Layla along for my 30th birthday present from Mad out to Salt Lake City to go visit Yellowstone and Zion National Parks. It wasn't a photo trip, which was a nice change in our usual travel agenda. In the end, after many cold and crying nights, strenuous hikes with a bit of extra weight, amazing laughs coming from the back of the van, terrorizing campgrounds, bathing in silty lakes below unreal rock formations, seeing my favorite milky way again, hair-raising drives up the side of a mountain for epic camping spots, and a couple nights of unplanned reprieve in hotels, we came out alive. Alive and smiling, and closer as a family than ever before (even though I’m not sure how that was possible). We did it, and would do it again in a heartbeat.

But probably with a Nanny next time.

Chewie + Ann : Iceland Wedding

When Hannes from Pink Iceland let me know there was a couple interested in having me shoot their wedding, I was immediately stoked. Another wedding in Iceland, pinch me! And as it turns out, Chewie and Ann are seriously amazing and fun people who wanted to have their friends and family from all over experience this special place that means so much to them while they tied the knot. How good?! They got married at a beautiful place in the country called Kjarnholt where they were also staying with some of their guests, we then went on a bus trip to some beautiful spots which included Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir geothermal area, Efstidalur for some amazing lunch, and finally Þingvellir national park before heading back for their rocking reception at Kjarnholt. It was a pleasure spending the day with them, and a big shout out goes to my 2nd shooter and awesome photographer Drew Noel who made the trip and his photos are mixed in below! Enjoy :)