Family Roadtrippin'

Camping for 11 days with a 1 year old.

Does that scare you? It certainly did scare us, and people were legitimately worried about our levels of sanity when we told them we were taking Layla along for my 30th birthday present from Mad out to Salt Lake City to go visit Yellowstone and Zion National Parks. It wasn't a photo trip, which was a nice change in our usual travel agenda. In the end, after many cold and crying nights, strenuous hikes with a bit of extra weight, amazing laughs coming from the back of the van, terrorizing campgrounds, bathing in silty lakes below unreal rock formations, seeing my favorite milky way again, hair-raising drives up the side of a mountain for epic camping spots, and a couple nights of unplanned reprieve in hotels, we came out alive. Alive and smiling, and closer as a family than ever before (even though I’m not sure how that was possible). We did it, and would do it again in a heartbeat.

But probably with a Nanny next time.