Laura + Chris : Turks and Caicos Wedding at The Gansevoort

Some Wedding experiences are truly one of a kind. They not only feature two amazing people celebrating their love for one another, but also explode with support from an amazingly fun group of family and friends. When you add an exotic destination like Turks and Caicos, which holds a deeper meaning for Laura and Chris than those beautiful blue hues and white sand beaches, it stacks on happiness like a pancake flight from Bubby’s. I was so honored to be the one to photograph their destination wedding at the Gansevoort Turks and Caicos (now known as they Wymara Resort and Villas). They put on an amazing welcome night at the Somewhere Cafe, a super fun snorkel trip, a tented welcome dinner at sunset right on the beach (unreal), a quick and fun photo session exploring part of the island, and a fishing trip with the guys before tying the knot on the big day on the beach in front of the Gansevoort. Feast your eyes on the happiness, fun, and genuine love and adoration these two and their families have for one another. It was one wedding I will never forget, and I’m proud to call these two superstars friends. Not only do they have an absolutely amazing album that radiates with the feelings from this week, but I managed to sneak in a highlight video that you can watch below (with thanks from Chris’s brother for the wedding footage) that adds to the awesome.

This is a big one - enjoy kids!