Jess + Chris

These guys take the cake for the hottest wedding of the year by far, in multiple ways. Mad and I met Jess and Chris last year for their engagement photos in Washington DC, and from that point on we knew we were in for a good time. They invited us down to shoot their wedding just outside of St. Michaels, MD at a venue called The Oaks. What a picturesque place to tie the knot and celebrate with family and friends. It may have been 99 degrees with a heat index of 109 (who's counting?), but that didn't stop these two from... Jess breaking her foot while busting a move with grandpa (see image at the bottom), going on a photo expedition straight after that at sunset, chris getting pooped on by a bird during the formal photos (after an unnamed wedding participant stepped on a baby bird minutes before), and just being troopers in general sweating it out in barns and all over the place in the hot sun. Enough of the talking, start the looking... one of my favorite weddings yet!

the rings..

the dress(es)..

and the shoes.

beautiful jess getting ready

and the guys, haha check out chris's incoming flop in the middle

smooth chris

gettin' suited up.

awesome shot mad snagged of chris getting ready

cool birdcage veil jess had

reallllly loved this shot of all the rings

and some slow shutter smoothness

PBR - the drink of champions

bad ass shot of these good lookin kids

pretty amazing spot for a ceremony, eh??

love this photo.


another awesome shot by mad of the hora

the actual photo of jess a split second after breaking her foot

and instantly she's a broken foot model :)