The Past Few Weeks...

...have been hectic to say the least!! Lots of weddings and shoots to show you guys from the past couple weeks and tons more coming up. Back in NJ, ready for the summer season!!! Time to give the blog some attention again :)

Below are a few of my favorite shots from the last couple weeks down under before the big move back across the earth. Over 24 hours it took this time around with an additional flight thrown in there, yikes! So without further adieu, here's a few new frames to keep you distracted from your work for a couple extra minues...

checking the morning misty bumps down at avalon real early

got to hop over the rocks to get to one of the southern breaks... can get a bit hairy!

on the run

good old dhl yellow slsc

taking a break from some early am laps

and there she is, good old ruthie. putting around everywhere in some serious style :)

checking out palm beach and pittwater from the headland... not too shabby eh???

definitely going to fly in that someday

the golf course... man i wish i played a round here!

the dock to the ferry that never came! we headed across the way to the Basin instead of Patonga, such a good spot

the boathouse was so good we went here twice to eat

classy double wine maddie haha

where mad used to work, pretty cool spot out on a pier in the harbour!

can't take her anywhere... even tries to eat the decorations :)