Shan + Matt - Tasmania Wedding Photography

The past week I've spent travelling around Tasmania, helping my good friend Kim out shooting part of a wedding for a day and also shooting a bit of travel and editorial images as well (which I can't wait to post when the time comes). We got to Shan's family home deep in the forests outside Hobart, and it was nothing short of incredible. Shan's Dad built (and was still building...going on 8 years now) the entire house from the land they live on all on his own. Incredible blue gum stumps lined the floor, mudbricks formed the walls, a recessed living area with fire place built of stone provided a serene sitting spot, and all surrounded by all the freshest fruit and veg you could ask for...I definitely had my share of blackberries :) They were married at a local park and it was a truly Tasmanian country wedding. Here's a few of my favorite details and shots of the pre-wedding at Shan's parents place.

favorite shot of the day, shan getting ready while her mum sips on some coffee in the most awesome kitchen ever created

shan's dad out in the lush garden

her shoes on the clothes dryer

putting on some finishing touches

really loved this shot of shan's dad