Wednesday Walkabout

After a brief hiatus from blog updates (which I've been catching quite a bit of flack about), I'm back ladies and gentlemen. Australian visa issues sorted, and I'm here to stay, yeeeeeeeeww! To get back into the groove, I decided to take a stroll around the area I live. Bikrams Yoga has been taking over my life recently as well, and the walk to the studio from my apartment always keeps me creatively entertained. Lots of straight lines and curves, lights and darks, strange birds and stranger people. Problem is I never have my camera (because I would look a bit awkward taking photos on the way back from class sopping in sweat). So yesterday I took a walk along that route, snapped a few shots, and kept on walkin. Here's a few from the sunny stroll with a bit of a different editing style (do you like it??), more random explorations around the city to come.

the vanishing point man. still want to grab a bite to eat at this corner cafe.

straight, curvy, and a blue sky. FINALLY!!!

some day i'm going to have a front door with my address in it like this. so cool

industrial symmetry

pretty inviting spot at the aquatic centre. spot the dirty sydney ibis...

loved the different elements, colors and light in this shot

had to end this post with a little staffy pup. cutest little guy, lady killer!