Kate and Steve - Shamong, NJ Engagement

Well, honestly I don't know where to start with this one. Mad and I headed out to meet these two awesome people at quite possibly the two coolest locations I've shot at to this day, so this blog post is a bit heavier on the bandwith than engagement shoot posts are. I only checked out the barn before our time together because the other spot is hidden deep in the woods at a location unknown. The old rusted pickup was amazing to shoot with, but unfortunately we only survived for about 10 minutes before I called it... today Maddie and I look like we have chickenpox from what feels like millions of mosquito bites (poor lady went today to try on dresses for our wedding, I can't imagine what they were saying!!! haha). After a serious mozzie swat session in the car we got to the second spot that Kate found, an old abandoned barn. Some UNREAL light and crazy surroundings made this a totally unique spot for a shoot. Encroaching rain, dramatic skies, beautiful light and a crazy cool couple make for some jaw dropping photos... check out a few of my favorites from the day!

ps... still trying to get the cow dung out of my shirt I laid in to get the last shot!

how badass is this old pickup in the woods, got to come back with deet next time!!!

kate's awesome ring on the bonnet latch

i tell ya, these guys are awesome. not many people would climb into a silo with a chopper still in there without hesitation after i jumped in. champions!

cool reflection... thought about laying down to get a different angle, then thought again. took this one right after walking face first into a 2x6 hanging from the ceiling haha

stormy skies

everything was so overgrown and amazing to shoot with

kate was an absolute trooper, jumping off a cinder block with a broken foot (i didn't make her do it i swear, she wanted to!)

hahahahaha, had to post this one.

cow dung perspective