Ali + Shawn

This weekend Adrienne and I headed into Philly on Friday to meet with Ali and Shawn for their awesome Northern Liberties wedding at Tendenza, such a cool venue in a great part of Philadelphia (especially for photography)!  Driving through the solid sheets of rain on 95 on the way to the city, I just knew how cool Ali and Shawn were going to be even though it was bucketing down on their big day. I called up Ali with some ideas and she was all laughs and smiles and down for whatever, perfect. We shot Ali and Shawn getting ready at the Holiday Inn, then headed over to the Ben Franklin Bridge area and Race Street Pier for a couple shots with the bridal party of 24 (yes 24!!!). Thankfully the rain had given us about a half hour window to shoot everyone, then as we headed to Tendenza it started raining again... bummer. But wait! Ali and Shawn really wanted some cool shots and were down for anything so I took them out in my car around the block and we got some great stuff dodging the rain. Champions!!! We headed back and partied the night away after the ceremony (a record 11 minutes) at Tendenza... so much fun. Here's a few of my favorites from the day, check em out! You guys rock!!!

hahaha i loved this shot

ali doing some touch ups of her own

thought this was a cool ring shot using the newspaper

another favorite of beautiful ali


under the bridge

cool wall near tendenza

fun shot of the two of them

the bridge!

another cool spot near tendenza, avoiding the raindrops!

the bridal party

tendenza ceremony

some of the details

ali lookin hot!

cool shot of the cake, i've been wanting to do this for some time

some funny speeches and crazy light