No, it's not a button on your keyboard.  It's a flagship film camera Nikon used to make back in the day.  It's also my birthday present from Mads.  Believe it or not, I never shot film before (besides grabbing grandmother's point and shoot at a birthday party and missing a candle blowing shot or two), so I don't have stockpiles of negatives and prints.  Just got plenty of hard drives.  This is a whole new experience for me, nearly like working your way backwards in time while getting a greater appreciation for so many different aspects of photography.  Shooting film these days has a wonderful feeling to it, not only in the feel of the picture after its developed, but how you feel walking around with a film camera amongst all the people slinging digitals.  Daring to be different than the masses.  Best thing is that all my lenses I use shooting digital work on the F5.  Awesome.  Here's a few color exposures from my first couple of rolls.  Definitely looks better on paper, outa the digital realm.  This is the noise I like :)

my first exposure, the lovely zara pup


whale beach cliffside

my mads

bondi pool

bondi skatepark grom girls

fishing at whale beach headland