Mad and I spent a short weekend visiting a good friend of ours from Whistler days.  Kim lives in Tassie, and was kind enough to show us around his island for a couple days.  Tasmania is a beautifully rural spot that separated off the bottom coast of Australia quite some time ago.  It's home to half a million residents and is roughly the size of Ireland.  Tassie looks like they have more sheep per capita than New Zealand (who bear the brunt of many scared sheep jokes), and they definitely had more roadkill than anywhere I have ever seen... poor little wombats and wallabies.  Pretty shocking, but at least the scavengers are well fed. There's very cool museum in Hobart called MONA which exhibits things most others won't or have been banned in other museums around the world, eg. a machine someone constructed to replicate the digestive system and actually makes a real poop (and smells exactly like you think it would), a wide variety of sculpted replicas of different women's special bits spanning a very long wall, and many other interesting and provoking pieces.  This place even has its own winery, absolutely epic.  The weather in Tassie has schizophrenia and changes 4 seasons within the span of a day with the majority of temps in the chillier range.  Lucky for us, the one night we went camping out in Freycinet National Park the thick blanket of cloud cleared after the sun went down and the stars came out.  0 light pollution means a CRAZY amount of stars.  I think I even saw two galaxies I've never known to exist in our range before.  We got up at a sparrow's fart the next morning (awesome saying about rising early I never knew about) for a beautiful sunrise and eventually a quick flight back to Sydney, only an hour and a half. Sweet! Check out some quick snaps.

what did i tell ya about those stars??? like another world. freychinet national park

kimbo and his camera pondering the galaxies. not sure, but i think those two clusters on the right are something i've never seen before

furry trees on the bay

beginning of a hairy scale down the cliff to get some starry shots

curious george who lives in the carpark

epic sunset from the campsite

followed by an equally epic sunrise the next morning

a brief sunny outbreak overlooking some tasmanian orchards

camo sheep

mad on her way to check out the pino grigio grapes

outside the MONA.

sunny wine leaves

really liked this shot of mad, rockin the cons.