Light Show

Looking out the window at 6am this morning looked dismal, if that.  A thick blanket of cloud covered the sky from my vantage point, but I figured I'd give it a shot since I have been slack in shooting for myself the past couple days.  I drove down to Collaroy because there's a pretty extensive headland with a large outcropping at lower tides.  Reflections on my mind...  Set up shop about 5 minutes before the sun popped up, and the amount of different colors that were painted on the tips of the clouds was amazing.  If you blinked, you would've missed an entire color range.  Thankfully my shutter blinked for this one.

not 30 seconds later the sky was a bright orange and red as the sun poked through.

and the sun finally made a full appearance for a minute, then went to hide the rest of the day.

the beach at collaroy has a bunch of little dingy boats that can be winched out of the water.  very cool vibe to them this morning with the rusty gear and a dramatic sky