Avy Bombs

I was pretty gutted I didn't make it for sunrise yesterday, as there was a decent sized swell in town paired with a beautiful temperature in and out of the water.  So, determined to capture some of that beautiful morning light firing against the back of some leftover heavy rollers, I got up and drove to a little town called Avalon, about 40 minutes up the coast.  Mad and I will have a house in Avalon some day, it's already been decided.  Such a beautiful place that a few years back Baywatch even wanted to film their seasons there, but the local Aussies said nup.  Goodonya.  Many pro surfers call this break home, and it's as picturesque as it is pumping when the swell is right.  Huge rocky headlands lining either side and a beach that rarely gets a serious crowd.  Enough of the talking, here's a more than a few from this morning.  Let em load up people, got a couple good ones :)

good way to start the day, getting pitted nice n early!

put a graduated filter on this one, came out pretty cool

touch of light on some backsplash

before the sun popped up. the boat out there reminded me of the ones in south east asia. wonder what its doin down here

backlit barrels

the lineup

little bit off the top please!

10 points for his exit plan