Up the Coast

First off... I know I've been pretty slack on blog posting as of late, but I'm trying to get myself established in Australia and it's a whole different ballgame. I promise I'll make it up to all you blog stalkers out there in cyberspace!  We headed up the coast on a mini road trip last weekend for a family bday party, Nat's 21st.  They live in Old Bar which is this cool country town with a far smaller population than crazy Sydney, and it's right next to the beach as well.  The beaches up the coast are desolate and beautiful.  Treachery Beach near Seal rocks is a real nice spot we spent a day at, and they've even got a lighthouse perched up on the cliff side.  I nearly trod on a brown snake (which apparently could've killed me?), got to swim with a pod of dolphins passing by in the open ocean, finally got my camera back in the water, and faced off with a giant pelican.  Life sure doesn't get dull down here...

crystal clear water at treachery beach

mads trying to get pitted while bodysurfing in treachery beach with the lighthouse lurking in the background

i liked this one of the water while i waited for the dolphins to come back... they never did... then i started thinking about sharks........

mads grandpa harry (gotta roll the r's when you say it). got the best jokes in all australia i reckon

the man himself, peter whiting, showing off one of his shingleback lizards