Best Holiday Ever.

Some of you may know I spent a season shredding the slopes of the best rated mountain in North America, Whistler Blackcomb in BC.  That's also the place where I met Maddie, and we decided to go back for a visit for our anniversary.  Although the weather didn't give us nearly any snow, we got some beautifully sunny days and did some insane stuff I never thought I'd be able to experience... like heliboarding (vid below).  All in all, it was a pretty amazing vacation.


Oh yeah, and Maddie and I got engaged :)  What a happy day! Check out a few photos from Whistler and the area.

not a bad spot for a proposal? thanks a million to my good buddy and awesome photographer Logan Swayze for this shot. check out his site!

harmony all tracked out

some cool tree outside our friends pad

harmony after the ice


the walk back from blackcomb

olympic rings and the crane

inspecting the beverages

rainy rainy vancouver

trees around nita lake

abstract snow art


mad cheezin

and here's a video i put together from our day of heliboarding, maddie's awesome xmas gift to me.  yes, we will be in debt for the next 20 years... but watch it in HD and turn your bass up :)

Little pow Lotta sun - GoPro with Powder Mtn. from Stephen Govel on Vimeo.