Alex + Jeff

I don't even know where to start writing about Alex and Jeff's wedding... it was so special and awesome in so many ways that words and pictures don't do it justice ... but I gave it a shot anyway ;) Mad and I spent a few days roadtripping down around southern Florida before meeting up with Alex and Jeff to help celebrate their big day in Fort Myers at the Edison Ford Estate. What an awesome venue that place is! There's nearly endless photo opportunities everywhere you look, not to mention a temperature of 80 F ain't too shabby. The banyon trees on the property were so beautifully ancient they reminded us of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. It was a truly intimate and meaningful celebration, you could feel the love... an absolute pleasure to shoot. We had so much freaking fun, Alex's cousin Ryan even got on stage with the band and blew us all away with his ripping sax solos. Here's a few of my favorites from the day, enjoy your honeymoon guys!!!

alex. simply beautiful.

jeff getting ready


hahaha, jeff really does have two legs but i thought this was a funny shot while getting his shoes on

getting out of the limo with a little help from jeff

definitely a favorite shot of the day.

what'd i tell ya about those ancient banyon trees?!?!

tall palms

the estate was so good to shoot at

alex's custom made ring

loved this shot

some great light on the porch

all the girls

the kiss! pretty awesome spot for a ceremony hey???

cake double SMASH

some great moments

party time!!!

and a soothing sunset shot to leave you with :)