Erica and Tom - Villanova Engagement

On Sunday Mad and I spent the later afternoon hanging with Erica and Tom at their Alma Mater, Villanova University. We had some great weather for a November day, which made it all the more bearable walking around campus (it helped especially because I went to the rival university of Villanova ;). The grounds at the university are awesome, but Erica and Tom were awesome(r). We got some great shots all around the place, and had such a fun time for a couple hours. These guys have some great energy emitting from them, and were so easy to capture. Here's a few of my favorites!

favorite shot of the day! these guys making the dirty train tunnel look hot

erica is obsessed with jumping shots, so naturally i had to get a sweet one. ps, they're not holding hands, i just snapped at the right time, pretty cool lines in the shot!


the church

reddest tree on the planet (or at least campus)

the engagement ring