Kelly and Pat (and Cona) - Trash The Dress

After taking a scenic drive way down the parkway to Avalon, Spencer and I quickly backtracked to Ocean City where I was scheduled to meet Kelly and Pat in the first place until I plugged the complete wrong town into my GPS for an unknown reason (Avalon was beautiful and worth the mistaken extra drive anyway! haha, good thing I always show up early).  Anyway, Kelly and Pat were recently married and wanted to dispose of their wedding attire properly... by destroying it on the beach and in the ocean of course!  We had a blast with some monster surf from Hurricane Igor, and wandering around the beach in Ocean City.  Here's a few of my favorites from a fun session with a genuinely happy, fun and good looking couple!

one of the last, and definitely a favorite of the day

this shot went a little something like this...
me: "hey guys, i want you to head out into that break over there, and passionately kiss each other, and don't let go when you get smashed in the back of the head by the wave alright, hahaha."
kelly and pat simultaneously: "ok, no problem!"

these guys were CHAMPIONS!!!!  the sequences of these shots are hilarious as you can imagine.

we just got a little dirty... and check out cona in the back having a howl at the setting sun

a little risqué moment on the beach

and the famous jeff tisman ring shot, with a dirty twist. :)