Meagan and Trevor

Aka Treagan (pronounced tree - gan), as the priest put it.  We had such a great weekend celebrating the wedding of my good friend Trevor, who I met in Australia back in 2006, and his beautiful wife Meagan down in hot, hot, hot Georgia.  They got married in a little country town called Metter, Georgia, with a lot of close friends and family that flew in from all over.  The day had a heat index of 110 degrees, and some of the locals said it wasn't that hot.  I beg to disagree!  We tried to stay outside only when necessary, and managed to get some great photographs.  After the wedding was over, we headed to Tybee Island in Georgia to capture some images of this beautiful couple.  Lugging around a suitcase full of gear and light setup on the beach is no easy task!  A HUGE thank you to Meagan's kind friend Amy who was my chauffeur to the beach and my voice activated light stand and also Uncle Tim for the late night ride back to Jacksonville.  And of course both families for all the hospitality throughout the weekend, it was a truly enjoyable experience!  Here's just a few of my many personal favorites from the day... take a look at what we got!

one of my favorite shots of all time, just caught the sun setting as we pulled up to tybee island.  what a good lookin couple, huh?

another from tybee island... in the moment

meagan got the coolest and most unique engagement ring trev had made for her

meagan's dog rusty, who loves you the most when he's wet and muddy and you don't want to be :)

really liked this shot of meagan's mom, everything sinking in at the rehearsal with her dad smiling on in the back

the groom, and big mike helping out with the tricky pin placement

quick groomsmen jump shot as requested by trevor.  what you don't see is me lying on the black pavement burning my arm in the 110 degree direct sun!!!

yes, meagan is absolutely stunning.

i've never seen a couple so happy to be together

honeymoon time!

the real meagan and trevor. :)

and what's the point of going to the beach in your wedding dress if you don't get wet?!