Kerri and Pat

This past weekend I had the privelidge of shooting Kerri and Pat's wedding.  It was an awesome day filled with golf carts, butterflies, a raging party, and a pretty funny cake cutting session.  And what a scorcher it was as well, definitely tipping the scales at 90 and possibly even close to 100.  We met up at Kerri's parents house for some getting ready shots, headed over to the church, then Georgian Court University and finally to Woodlake Country Club to party the night away.  Kerri and Pat are some of the most laid back and friendly people you'll ever meet, and it radiated throughout their whole family since I first met them.  Check out what an awesome time we had.

i found this bathroom right before we were leaving, such awesome light!!!!

kerri was all smiles all day long.

kerri's sister lindsey got a bit crazy with the perfume

kerri's bedazzled shoes

the beautiful bridesmaids

one of the butterflies kerri had flown in for the wedding...

pat and his groomsmen, really liked the little guy in this one.

the bridal party at georgian court university

kerri and pat having fun with the golf carts.  a shot similar to what my good friend drew originally came up with.

a quick shot on the course with the sun setting, showing their giant shadows

a pretty funny / awesome cake cutting sequence

some shots from the party, loved the shot of grandpa on the second one down on the left so stoked to have a lady on each arm.

kerri and pat, partying like rockstars.