Thank you North Carolina

With all the crazy storms happening down south in NC, today was the start of a week of nice swell coming through New Jersey.  I sent in my long lens for repair, so if I wanted to shoot anything before I got a replacement it was going to have to be from in the water.  After dusting off the underwater housing from the last time I used it in warm St. Maarten, and borrowing a wetsuit from my buddy Stevie, I got in the water and captured a few good moments.  The current was so strong I couldn't hold my ground in the kill zone, and after nearly 3 hours and vanishing morning light, I called it a day.  Water temp is getting bearable (55 degrees) and the weather is getting warmer (90 today!).  Summer is well on its way.

Stevie ripping through a backlit morning tube

dropping in

fisheye perspective

early morning spray