Bradley Beach for Sunrise

I can honestly say I don't look forward to seeing 4:30 am again for a long time, but after I got up and out of the house it was all good... and pretty damn dark.  This morning I had a shoot for my friends over at Monetti Builders who do amazing work building and restoring houses.  I woke up to get some early morning light on a house they are rennovating, and managed to snag a few shots before hand of the beautiful sunrise.  34 degrees wasn't too much fun on the beach in the morning.  I'm ready for summer to get here, how bout you?

yes, i was up this early.  taken from my front yard with my car serving as my tripod

some pre-sunrise rowing, complete with dive bombing seagull

maddie's got me hooked on reflections.  everywhere i go, that's all i see

golden dune fence

that getty floating away kind of looks like a submarine...


favorite from the day, like how the lines bring your eyes through the image