National Geographic Photo Homepage & Daily Dozen

National Geographic has a section on their website where an editor selects the best user uploaded photos during the weekdays.  I checked out the site the other day for kicks and saw that the second photo I've uploaded (you can only upload one a month) made it to the Daily Dozen selections.  Even better, I had a bet with Maddie who would get on first, and she had her first photo selected this week!  Couldn't ask for a better birthday present.  A few photos from the daily dozen are selected each month to get printed in the magazine as well.  I know it's a long shot, but my fingers are crossed for Maddie and I.  Get on the site and vote!

Also just checked back, they used my photo on the Photography home page!!!!!  It's the 4th image on rotation :)


featured on the home photography page!!!!

my shot


maddie's shot