Frozen Frothy Tubes

Today I had the pleasure of shooting one of Manasquan's greatest, Justin Taylor, and his mate Freddy Ecke.  They both got shacked more times than I can count, scoring tons of early morning barrels and snapping intense turns on a cold clean morning.  Too easy.

It was cold.

Justin trying to stay warm in his own shack (check the sequence of this super long tube ride down a bit further)

Freddy finding his piece of paradise

looking down to the inlet at a golden tube (thanks to a little help from lightroom)

empty barrel

a very overcast day, occasionally throwing a burst of light or two through the blanket, giving me some awesome light to work with... this break in the clouds, Freddy dropping in for a few fun turns

Justin, doing what he does best...

a couple frames from one of Justin's exit plans

some black and whites... foam with a nicely formed frothy pit in the background

Justin again...

and again, this time powering down the face and eyeing up his next turn, while the seagull behind the wave eyes him up