Summer's Over

Well summer flew by down under, and the cold and clouds have started to set in.  Mind you Sydney doesn't really get that cold, but it's getting cold enough to make me think twice about going out without a hoodie.  We went out for a walk the other day, the first day of Autumn, which was the turning point for the weather.  But I'm still a big fan of rain and cloudy photos, so I really don't mind that much... except that it's STILL SNOWING back home in New Jersey!!!  What is going on with this crazy weather?

not a bad spot for a garage, with some moody lighting after the fact in lightroom.

the recent storm surge had pushed the sand around a bit at shelly beach, and I thought it made a pretty cool texture

don't get me wrong, the beach is still very inviting... even with the cold weather.

really liked this shot of mads and zara

and this one is getting off the ferry from the city back into manly.