Send-off of the Century

After an incredible summer down under, the time came when I needed to get back home and see family and friends (and start making money again).  Mads treated me to an absolutely incredible dinner in a rotating restaurant high above Sydney, catching a beautiful sunset and the city lights from above.  And we had one of the last absolutely perfect beach days of the season as well, with offshore winds, minimal clouds, headhigh swell, and lots of beverages.  Here's a few from my last couple days.  Until next time...  check out the final surf sequence!

view from the restaurant

bottom of the summit restaurant

a cool lit alleyway on the way to the manly ferry

a quick underwater self portrait, blowing some sweet water balloons out of my nose

liked this moody shot of an underwater crash with a spotlight from the spray

not one of my greatest, but i think the lines in it are pretty cool with the placement of the duckdiver

and last but not least, a sweet sequence of some older local taking a beating by the curtain.