Stacey and Chris - Yankee Stadium Engagement

So this was definitely a first for me... Stacey contacted me a few weeks ago inquiring about shooting her marriage proposal in Yankee Stadium.  Stacey and Chris have been together for 6 years and it was time to tie the knot, but Chris wasn't fast enough and Stacey beat him to it!  Stacey flew Chris into NYC from Ohio on his birthday for a tour of Yankee stadium since he's such a big fan, and a few days to explore NYC (a very, very cold NYC at that).  She went on the tour with Chris, then afterwards told him she arranged a special photo shoot she had booked for the two of them with yours truly.  In the first few moments of some photos in the middle of the field (which is temporarily being used as a football field), Stacey cued the scoreboard to light up behind their backs.  And as Chris turned around for a different shot, BAM!  Stacey had Chris give her the ring, and he was absolutely in shock.  Needless to say, the rest of the photo shoot was all smiles and had great energy.  Congrats guys!!!!

 we started out taking a couple quick photos till stacey thought it was the right time

 then as i was going to make them do a jumping shot, the scoreboard caught chris's eye

the ring stacey picked out was beautiful, and here's chris still in shock

the happily engaged couple

in the 15th row for their new anniversary date

gotta love the great hall

a sea of bleachers

having some fun fooling around

monument park

what a great looking couple

stacey's awesome ring