The end of busy season means it's time to start traveling again!!!  Mads and I kicked it off with a short trip to Jamaica.  I'd been there before, but stayed at a resort with my family where we ate and drank ourselves silly.  I always wanted to see the real Jamaica, so this time we stayed outside Monetgo Bay at Bethel Court in Mount Salem and saw much of the west side of Jamaica.  It's a pretty awesome place, but definitely intimidating if you're out there amongst it because outside of the Hip Strip seeing a tourist is like finding a needle in a haystack (unless you go to the popular tourist spots by bus).  The land is so lush, I think there were trees and greens growing out of rocks without soil.  There might even be a tree growing out of the road, seeing as some of the many pot holes go as deep as your calf.  Everywhere you go is a jumpin party (even on the street with Vybez Cartel blaring at 5 am), and mostly all Jamaicans are a friendly and helpful people.  We met a legend named Patrick who showed us around the country most days, and even got to take some of the local buses (comparative to chicken buses in South America) to a village called Sav where another friend of ours, Richard, grew up.  And of course, there was plenty of time made for sunset booze cruises, full day beach parties, and plenty of Red Stripe.  Here's just a couple from beautiful Jamaica.

the coldest, most refreshing red stripes in all of jamaica hands down, with steve sporting the barack tee

bamboo alley... 4 miles of this.  sick.

mmm fresh fried fishes

fresh catch in sav

my current desktop background, so much cool texture and character in every building

along the black river, handlining for fish in a homemade canoe.

another local fisherman out early for a fresh catch

richard showing john how to catch fish in the amazingly crystal clear water outside sav that steve owns (top photo) and lets people enjoy for free

little lizard

maddie and the man himself, patrick