Speed Blur

I've been taking a lot of surfing shots in my spare time lately because of the hurricane swells we've been getting in Jersey, and you can only shoot so many similar shots before you have to change it up.  So I started to shoot to show movement in the water, trying out my steady hand with super slow shutter speeds.  Oh, and I finally got to get out with my underwater housing too for some fun shots, without coast guard interference :)

 once again, my buddy Justin Taylor killing it.

always finding the barrels...

and again...

serious slash!

next in the sequence (yes he rode out)

and now some underwater fun... luckily the ocean was super clear! (and no that's not the color of our water, just playing with lightroom a bit) 

getting a sneak peak in and out

my buddy Mike getting his boogie on.

and this was was a goof, just thought their expressions were awesome