Christmas Eve with Zara

How did you spend your Christmas Eve?  During the day while Mad was at work, Zara, Lys and I went to the dog park and watched Za torment the other dogs.  I would compare her to the school bully, but she's really got a heart of gold.  Her favorite thing is to go around and steal other dogs balls and play chase me until she loses interest and steals another dogs ball.  It would be perfect if she only knew how to drop the ball on command, haha.  We got some last minute Christmas shopping in, and my Grandmother was kind enough to send a card that arrived at the perfect time for the holidays, complete with one of her famous holiday cookie recipes.  Naturally we had to put an Aussie twist to it, and instead of little Christmas tree shapes we made little Kangaroo's (I only wish they tasted half as good as hers).  Disclaimer, there were many Kangaroo cookies injured in the process.  Merry Christmas Eve!

za playing "fetch" with the other dogs... note: that's not her ball, and also check out the slobber/water combo dripping from her mouth.  mmmm

isn't christmas supposed to be snowy?  this is just a dog park in australia... not too shabby!

how could you ever get mad at a face like this?

our futile attempt at kangaroo christmas cookies