Fighting the Swell.

I made it up to Queenscliff this morning to grab some shots of the saltwater pool and the waves crashing against it.  When there's big swell, lots of people go and try to hang onto the railing as these massive waves crash at full force.  But first, there was this realllllllllly cool shot I wanted to get up on the rocks a bit past the path.  I got it, then got a bit too cocky and put on my fisheye lens to get even closer to the big swell crashing.  Big mistake!  The first wave I got in close for came charging at me like a nun running out of a gentleman's club (sorry if that was offensive but its the first metaphor that came to mind for some reason)!  I was totally soaked!!!  But I got a pretty funny sequence of shots out of it.  Just wish I had turned the camera and got my shocked expression as well.  After that I had to bolt back home and thoroughly clean all my gear of saltwater, and headed back down the beach to shoot some surfers.  Pretty determined from yesterday to get it right, I got my first time lapse together of the clouds moving north.  I embedded the video below, and you can see me zooming all around the frame on the beach shooting the swells.  Thinking a sunrise time lapse may be in order soon...  If you check out the video, turn the sound up!  Cool song :)

hit the maximize button, but turn scaling off.  turns the quality to crap for some reason.  oh yeah, and get lost in the clouds :)

Manly Beach Time Lapse from Stephen Govel on Vimeo.

me vs. ocean. ocean wins again.