Stylus Tough

A perfect 80 degree saturday calls for a day at the beach, no questions asked.  We walked north up the headland to Freshwater Beach, away from the touristy crouds of Manly Main.  The water is clear, warm, and even though there's not a huge swell, it's still fun to body surf in and cool off from the heat.  I bought a little point and shoot before coming to Australia for times I didnt want to bring my real camera or take the time to put it in the underwater housing.  The Olympus Stylus Tough is cool for just bringing along with you and taking happy snaps.  Drop it in the sand, no worries.  Drop it in the water, no worries.  Drop it on the street while I'm cruising on my longboard, no worries.  It's tough.  Doesn't take amazing pictures, but gets the job done when I want to be lazy and not bring the big guns out.  Here's a happy snap from underwater in Freshy Beach while taking some time to ride the waves. :)