Aussie Life. Day One.

After 22 hours of flying, and losing an entire day of my life (I still don't know what happened to the 11th of November), I finally made it down to Australia.  I've been waiting for this day for a long long time, and was more than happy it finally came.  My lovely Austalian lady Mads and I got an amazing pad right on the beach in the Northern Beaches outside Sydney, Australia.  Manly is a beautiful place, with a great vibe and plenty to see.  I'll be out nearly every day with my camera in hand, and hope to share with you as much as I can through photos wherever I end up in the Southern Hemisphere.

This first shot is from the first night I was in Manly yesterday.  A storm rolled in with a crazy lightning storm after a beautiful day of beaching and relaxing.  We had some drinks at Manly Wharf Bar, and this is the view we were graced with.  It's an HDR composite of 5 photos of one beautiful sunset.

Be sure to check back for frequent photo updates!