monettibuilt - Seaside Spectacle

Monetti Builders - Robert and his crew never fail to impress me, even after all these years of working together! This most recent renovation in Seaside Park was extraordinary, as you’ll see in the photographs. The details, large and small, are always second to none. monettibuilt is truly in a league of their own!

I also decided it was time to spice things up a bit more on my end, and made a video teaser for this particular project as well :)

twenty twelve recap.

Ok - here it is. 2012 in one song...

This is a visual journey through some of my highlights this past year. It was an insanely busy and awesome 365 days, filled with... 9 road trips, moving 3 times, selling 2 cars and buying 1, traveling through 4 countries, 10 long flights, missed 1 hurricane and found another, nearly 30 weddings and 30 other shoots, some of my family finally made it to Sydney, I shot at Cloudbreak…

oh yeah, and i got married :)

music > ryan adams : wonderwall


Unfamiliar Territory

Yesterday I went out and tried something new, hit the video button instead of the shutter button on my camera. It was a challenge for sure, but definitely a cool new outlet for producing creative visuals. This is my first video ever, so I didn't expect amazingness. But I wanted to show my family back in NJ (who are still struggling with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy) where I live the majority of the year with something a little more interactive than photographs. Have a look (full screen and HD of course)!