Laura + Chris : Turks and Caicos Wedding at The Gansevoort

Some Wedding experiences are truly one of a kind. They not only feature two amazing people celebrating their love for one another, but also explode with support from an amazingly fun group of family and friends. When you add an exotic destination like Turks and Caicos, which holds a deeper meaning for Laura and Chris than those beautiful blue hues and white sand beaches, it stacks on happiness like a pancake flight from Bubby’s. I was so honored to be the one to photograph their destination wedding at the Gansevoort Turks and Caicos (now known as they Wymara Resort and Villas). They put on an amazing welcome night at the Somewhere Cafe, a super fun snorkel trip, a tented welcome dinner at sunset right on the beach (unreal), a quick and fun photo session exploring part of the island, and a fishing trip with the guys before tying the knot on the big day on the beach in front of the Gansevoort. Feast your eyes on the happiness, fun, and genuine love and adoration these two and their families have for one another. It was one wedding I will never forget, and I’m proud to call these two superstars friends. Not only do they have an absolutely amazing album that radiates with the feelings from this week, but I managed to sneak in a highlight video that you can watch below (with thanks from Chris’s brother for the wedding footage) that adds to the awesome.

This is a big one - enjoy kids!

Susie + Pat : Crossed Keys Estate Wedding

Susie and Pat had an incredibly beautiful, relaxed, super fun day celebrating their love. I knew this would be the case after the amazing time we had at their engagement session on a boat! The Crossed Keys was perfect for everyone to gather and show their love and support for these two. The weather was perfect for their outdoor ceremony and reception under the tent! So stoked for you two and your fun life ahead!

Jules + Jase : Whistler Wedding

These two hold a special place in my heart. I’ve known Jase since he was in charge of me coming home alive from Australia while studying abroad back in 2007, and I met the love of his life Jules in Whistler a couple years after I left after living there with Jase for a winter season. As things tend to come full circle, they asked me to photograph their special day in Whistler, and I couldn’t have been happier to do so! They had been through a medical scare, which delayed the wedding but made the day even more of a special celebration. On the day of their wedding, they had one of the biggest powder days I’ve ever seen! No riding happened, but it helped provide some amazing weather for their day. Perfectly time snowfall on their ceremony exit, no rain for the way there, and a bit more snow for some family photos before heading to the reception at Whistler Brewing. It was truly a perfect day for two amazing people who deserve every bit of awesome they received!

Heather + Jon

When Heather and Jon contacted me, it was only a few months before their wedding. It blows my mind how much she and Jon pulled off in a short amount of time and stands as one of the best reception designs I’ve ever seen! Terrain and their talented wedding team did a phenomenal job. They got ready and had a rehearsal dinner at another beautiful venue, Grace Winery. After their wedding was over, we designed one of the most beautiful wedding albums I’ve seen. It is truly special that they will have this heirloom in their family forever, to share with themselves and with future family and friends. Congrats again guys!

Christina + Billy : Crystal Tea Room Wedding

After we spent an afternoon together photographing their love for one another, and the laughter flowed nonstop, I knew the wedding was going to be a good time! From the moment getting ready photos started, there were smiles, laughs and tears from everyone - but above all an awesome vibe carried through the entire day. Their first look at the Loews hotel was perfect, and the photo session with their whole crew that ensued afterwards was nothing short of amazing. They had a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony at the Crystal Tea Room and were even married by Christina’s brother Steve, who I’ve known to be an awesome human for many years! The party continued to impress as we knew it would! Big congrats to you guys, and a big thank you to Arielle and Jamie for helping out extra as I decided to break my toe a few days before. Legends.