Going Green(er)

So as you hopefully know already, I've put a ton of time and money into making a 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly packaging solution for all my clients.  Using various materials like hemp, recycled paper, paper mache, etc. I was able to do my small part into making this world a slightly better and less polluted place.  Fortunately this year at a trade show in NYC, my attention was drawn to a new company that makes customized flash drives.  Not just your run of the mill, piece of crap, plastic lanyard ones (although they offer them, they have much cooler ones targeted at people like me and hopefully you).  So for 2011, there will be no more DVD's being burnt for a big job and no more labels being printed for all the DVD's.  Each client gets a totally reusable, high capacity flash drive with all the same high resolution photos that would be on your DVD.  Copy em to your computer, back em up on an external drive, and you've got a sweet new custom laser engraved, magnetic, wooden flash drive.  Check it out!


Going Green

With wedding season getting into full swing, and hearing the constantly depressing news about how we are destroying our planet, I thought I would do my part and revamp my whole wedding packaging.  Not only is it 10x sweeter than what I had, but now it's totally customized and 100% biodegradable.  I had this idea a while ago, and it was such a headache trying to find and set up everything.  I stumbled across Caroline Ghetes website where she has done her own eco packaging, and was asking for a donation to her mission trip in exchange for all the ordering and supplier info.  Bingo!  After lots of green out of my pocket, I got lots of green packaging ready for all my brides this season.  Doing my part, hope you do yours too... Enjoy!

The 100% biodegradable wedding package.


the DVD box...

...opened up

really cool wood packing material

customized this amazing hemp dual dvd case, definitely my favorite piece of this whole package

the proof box

sorting through some proofs...

sweet hemp paper torn with hand stamped logos

birds eye view