fRew. round two

Nearly a year after I shot fRew in Kings Cross (which I now live right down the block from... go figure), we met up for a shoot of epic proportions. He needed some promo images, and came to me to get the goods. We went around the northern beaches and snagged a bunch of keepers. Then the day after our shoot, he jetsetted to my homeland for a few months to rock the west coast USA. Last year I said this dude was going places, and he most certainly is, striking a massive following and playing the world over. Below are a few of my favorites from our session. Thank you sun and clouds for cooperating nicely :)

And here's a link to his site if you're looking to get your feet movin'.

one of my favo(u)rites

mr frew himself

loved this silhouette... mad's idea of course :)

sweet colo(u)rs haha

and then we headed up to north head to meet the clouds, sun streaks and skyline. so good.

hahaha, such a funny one i couldn't resist

and another favorite from the day. unreal sunset!!! (although seems to happen quite often here)

Thievery in Brooklyn

A couple weeks ago, I got to take my little brother to see his first concert.  Thievery Corporation came to Brooklyn for a gig, and they killed it on the waterfront in Williamsburg with the NYC skyline in the background.  Such an amazing concert and a great venue!!  We met the photographer for Theivery Corp, Lacey Terrell, who's putting together a book of their live shows.  She's dedicated the past 4 years to shooting them live, and all I've seen is the cover of the book, and it looks like it's going to be wicked.  Thievery's music is captivating enough through your speakers, but experiencing it live is plain ridiculous.  They played such a good set, so many good ones from the past and so many good new ones on their new album out yesterday.  Anyway, I brought my film camera and a new lens to see if I could get anything interesting on 400 BW at night.  Pretty cool stuff!  

bass and vocals, killin it.

happy crowd



Last night I was lucky enough to shoot the one and only fRew spinning at SOHO in Kings Cross, Sydney.  I've known him for a couple of years now, and all I can tell you is that this guy is going places (and has gone to many already)!  Some serious talent on the decks, he got the place bumping and everyone was going wild.  Head on over to his site and listen to a few mixes, you'll see what I'm talking about.

get into it.

pleasing the masses