2011 Favourites

I have to say that I never expected to be so busy with my business as I was in 2011. I'm extremely lucky I've found this profession and people dig what I do, and better yet want to pay me for it! Not many can say that. Best yet I've not only been able to continue to travel the world, but I asked Mads to get hitched in the beginning of the year. What a good time last year was, and what greatness to come in 2012. 
We just got back from our holidays up the Banana Coast in Australia, such a good time spent with family and friends. I had some downtime and was able to put together a recap of some of my favourite shots from 2011 that I've taken in my spare time traveling around uncommissioned. Have a look if you get a minute, and let me know what you think!

PS - I will be making up for the slack posting on the blog I promise!!!

2011 Favorites from Stephen Govel on Vimeo.

Thievery in Brooklyn

A couple weeks ago, I got to take my little brother to see his first concert.  Thievery Corporation came to Brooklyn for a gig, and they killed it on the waterfront in Williamsburg with the NYC skyline in the background.  Such an amazing concert and a great venue!!  We met the photographer for Theivery Corp, Lacey Terrell, who's putting together a book of their live shows.  She's dedicated the past 4 years to shooting them live, and all I've seen is the cover of the book, and it looks like it's going to be wicked.  Thievery's music is captivating enough through your speakers, but experiencing it live is plain ridiculous.  They played such a good set, so many good ones from the past and so many good new ones on their new album out yesterday.  Anyway, I brought my film camera and a new lens to see if I could get anything interesting on 400 BW at night.  Pretty cool stuff!  

bass and vocals, killin it.

happy crowd



No, it's not a button on your keyboard.  It's a flagship film camera Nikon used to make back in the day.  It's also my birthday present from Mads.  Believe it or not, I never shot film before (besides grabbing grandmother's point and shoot at a birthday party and missing a candle blowing shot or two), so I don't have stockpiles of negatives and prints.  Just got plenty of hard drives.  This is a whole new experience for me, nearly like working your way backwards in time while getting a greater appreciation for so many different aspects of photography.  Shooting film these days has a wonderful feeling to it, not only in the feel of the picture after its developed, but how you feel walking around with a film camera amongst all the people slinging digitals.  Daring to be different than the masses.  Best thing is that all my lenses I use shooting digital work on the F5.  Awesome.  Here's a few color exposures from my first couple of rolls.  Definitely looks better on paper, outa the digital realm.  This is the noise I like :)

my first exposure, the lovely zara pup


whale beach cliffside

my mads

bondi pool

bondi skatepark grom girls

fishing at whale beach headland